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Welcome to this DVD, which, as well as offering a full digitisation of Merrill Rhodes' acclaimed history on the Sutton and Wawne area, now includes a considerable amount of extra material. User name and password can be obtained by sending 5 to the account details on our FRIENDS page.

The DVD was originally envisaged as being a platform just for Merrill's book, because, at that time we were running out of hard copies of the book, and it was about to 'go out of print.' That has now happened, and the book is no longer available. But we realised that we couldn't allow the contents of Merrill's excellent book to disappear from the shelves for ever.

After the first full digitisation of all 12 chapters, including the many photos, it became clear that the book alone would only take up a fairly small amount of space on the DVD. This realisation also coincided with a visit by a former Sutton family, long-time supporters of our museum, and their production of an
audio-visual sequence of the village in a 'then & now' photographic selection.

Still with space to spare, generosity of spirit really took hold and it was decided to include quite a lot of old photos of both villages, with a few more modern ones provided by our good friends at the Brooklands Photographic Society, who meet once a week in the Methodist Church Hall. There is also a selection of more recent photos of children of local schools who come to visit us on class visits from time to time. Many of the modern photos have been used on our website at various times, so are not necessarily new.

All the volunteer staff at the museum are confident that this DVD will be especially interesting and helpful to those Sutton and Wawne folk and families who have long since left the area for abodes in other parts of the UK and the wider world. Older family members may not have seen these views since they were children themselves, and their own children and grandchildren have probably never seen them at all.

In effect, what you now have is Merrill's book in its entirety, plus several extras, all of which we think will give a balanced and rounded view of the history of both Sutton and Wawne and a good deal of the outlying areas, much of which is still farmland as in former years, albeit - thankfully - not quite as wet as in those times. However, that may well change if recent 'flooding events' are repeated more frequently. Low-lying areas of East Hull now await the future with much trepidation.

In accessing so many copies of files and photographs to compile the extras that have gone onto this disc, it has become more and more apparent that a huge debt of gratitude is owed to Merrill in saving and archiving so much historical information. I've been involved for some 15 years and have always been increasingly, awed for want of a better word, just how much work had gone into compiling the collections in the first place.

Every area I looked into in my quest for appropriate material for this disc has Merrill's thumbprint, or more tellingly her stylish handwriting, over just about everything - card indexes, photo albums, digitised computer files of detailed information - Sutton and Wawne has it all, and that's not counting the achievements of the actual museum room itself with its hundreds of donated artefacts of decades past. Due to her meticulous attention to detail, we have information on every photo included here. It would be hard to overestimate Merrill's contribution to the history of the whole area, and I pay just tribute to her here. The more I find, the more I tip my hat.

We hope you will find the contents herewith enclosed a useful addition to your own Family History Files. Content that will give you and your descendants a little glimpse into a time, not so long past, when villages such as these were almost self-contained units that provided nearly everything a family could need for daily life. 

Many people, especially the womenfolk, ever ventured further than their own or immediately neighbouring villages for most of their lives.  Some believe that it was only the advent of the motor car that enabled folk to roam further afield in pursuit of suitable marriage partners.  But I believe a much more humble invention allowed much more diversity of choice even before that, if only by a decade or so.

I'll leave you with this thought; the acclaimed geneticist, Sir Robert Winston, has suggested that the one great invention in history that did the most up to that point to further the spread of the human gene pool was -- the bicycle!

Please, do enjoy . . . .

Sutton & Wawne Museum Webmaster

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Please enjoy.

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