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The Old School, Sutton on Hull
St James', Sutton on Hullto this
St Peter's, Wawne

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The Book

Sutton, Bransholme
& Wawne

by Merrill Rhodes

Then ... and Now

an A/V sequence in mp4 or mpg from
The Len Suddaby Collection

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Old Sutton

120 Images

Old Wawne

70 Images

St Peter's Church
in Wawne

a selection of modern photos by
The Brooklands Photographic Society
based at the Methodist Church Hall in Sutton
St James' Church
in Sutton

a selection of modern photos by
The Brooklands Photographic Society
based at the Methodist Church Hall in Sutton

War Memorials
a selection of images of both
memorials to our war dead

a selection of photos; past & present
St James' ; Wawne ; Cavendish ; Biggin Hill
RAF Sutton on Hull
17 Balloon Centre
Hull's Own Air Force Station

a link to the late Len Bacon's book

WWII AA Gunsites
& Air Defences of the
Sutton & Wawne area

from research by Simon Davies

This is our tribute to Terry and Deanna,
without whose inspired quick thinking and financial
help when the school first closed, there would not have
been an Old School to host our little museum at all.
We like to think they would both have approved of this move into the world of online worldwide access.
The Museum is inside The Old School,
founded by Mrs Merrill Rhodes in
the 1990s, with unflagging and
tremendous support from her
husband Peter, and opened first as
a Family History Resource Centre.

Along with an enthusiastic team
of 'Founder Volunteers', so many
artefacts were donated for exhibition
by local families keen to support it
that it quickly became a very good
folk museum in its own right,
as well as a centre for
Family History research.

That research carries on, every week,
helping visitors locally as well as
former Sutton & Wawne families
now residing all over the world
by email and the internet.
Above, Merrill in 'costume' for one of the museum's 'Victorian Weekends', and with her helpmate husband Peter, showing the restored 'magic lantern' he used for so many fund-raising talks and slideshows.
A proud moment receiving Hull's Lord Mayor, Cllr Mary Glew, in 2015, and in full flow giving one of very many famous talks on Sutton and Wawne's long and unique history.

Scroll of Honour
Our Founders

The Volunteers
who keep it alive
Sutton in Holderness
Conservation Trust

Our partners in
promoting local history,
high standards of planning
and architecture
and organising fun events
  07834 727 438
  07746 004 172

Ann Watson Trust
Sutton on Hull

our supporters for the
first 16 years of the museum's life
and without whose generous help
it could never open its doors
and to whom we extend
our grateful thanks
01482 709 626
Sutton & Wawne Website


A Page of Links for Family Historians, Local Historians, Military Historians ...
and all those who just like a good browse.


A Brief Walking Tour
An addition to this online version of our DVD
is this inclusion of "our walking tour", a leaflet we produced in 2013
and now revised, for the benefit of occasional visitors to the village who
sought only a brief 'resumé' of our history and most interesting places.
It is offered here as an MS Office download in .doc and .odt format.
Walking Tour in .doc format :: :: Walking Tour in .odt format
The Plan

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