Six Civil Defence Info/Training Ciné Films

referenced online?        Y      or    N



1.  Though The Earth Be Moved 

Office of Civil Defense   45:28 mins   Copy A        y


2.   Disaster Plan in Action

Prop.of Safety Division, Conoco House, London.   Buck Film Labs  Slough SL1 4LH                                             n


3.   Living With Disaster   

National Film Board of Canada 

AUL 169   Australia    24 mins                             n


4.   Lady Called Camille     (hurricane)                  

National AudioVisual Center    32 Mins

© looks to be to US Government

Red stamp to:

     HCC Emerg.Plnng.Serv 39 Meaux Rd, Wawne.              y


5.  The Warden – His Duties and Training                  

Damaged label … no further info    16mm             y 1961   IWM


6.   A Clean and Pleasant Land                                           

COI Central Office of Information  

Copy No36  dated 4/11/80   30 mins                   n